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One Of The World's Most Influential People

Warren Buffett – one of the most famous and successful investors of our time – has given his wife a shocking set of instructions.

Upon Buffett's death, he wants her to put 90% of her money into a single investment. And the surprising thing is – it's not Coca-Cola… Heinz… or even Berkshire Hathaway.

Buffett needs no introduction. Last year, he was ranked as the third richest man in the world by Forbes magazine.

Time has called him "one of the world's most influential people.”
And he's publicly pledged to give away most of his $67 billion fortune to charity.
That should leave his heirs with hundreds of millions of dollars.

So what is Buffett telling them to do next?
The answer may surprise you…
And it's ruffled some feathers on Wall Street.
Hedge fund group, Protégé, has publicly challenged Buffett's plan. Seven years ago, they made a"friendly" $1,000,000 bet against his favorite investment.

In a few years, whoever turns out to be wrong will donate at least $1,000,000 to the winner's charity of choice. Buffett has selected Girls, Inc. of Omaha – a non-profit that claims to help 140,000 young women on a variety of subjects, from math and science training to intellectual and emotional challenges.So far, Buffett has been proven right.

According to Fortune magazine, his 1st investment has gained 63.5%… while the hedge fund group that bet against him has only gained an estimated 19.6%.

It's hard to believe Buffett would tell his wife to put almost all her cash into a single position – and ignore the thousands of other investment options out there. But that's apparently what has happened.

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