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How to Use Vaporesso Swag Kit?

What is Vaporesso Swag Kit?
SWAG Kit by Vaporesso is modern in design, adopting IML technology that is more durable and environmental friendly. Powered by single 18650 battery (not included), it is capable of 80W output power. The top battery cap is easy to open and close which is extremely important for such a compact size mod.

Paired with the NRG SE Tank with twist Open design, smooth adjustable bottom air flow, it keeps the same universal compatibility coil selections from GT Core 2 all the way up to GT Core 8 as well as GT Ceramic coils. This little magic invention is the most amazing flavor tank Vaporesso has ever made. This is truly a swagger piece.

How to power it On/Off?
Press the fire button 5 times in quick succession within 2 seconds to turn the device on. In the same way, the device will be powered off after 5 presses.

How to vaping with the kit?
Hold the fire button and inhale through the mouthpiece. Release the fire button and exhale.

How to lock/unlock buttons?
Keep pressing mode button and "+"button simultaneously for two seconds when the device is powered on, then the up and down buttons will be locked and the screen will display "SYSTEM LOCKED". In the same way, pressing the up and mode buttons can be unlocked and the screen will display "SYSTEM UNLOCKED".

How to charge?
It is with Quick Charge System and equalizing charge system. Simply plug in the USB cable to charge the battery, OLED display current battery level (0%, 20%, 50%, 80%, and 100%) and the Remaining Charging Time to get the battery fully charge. The Remaining Charging Time will be shown in every10 minutes. And the display will remain lit while charging.

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