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Joyetech Cuboid Lite, Especially Recommend To Beginners

If you are looking for a portable and simple design vaping device, the Joyetech Cuboid Lite Kit must be a great choice for you. Even in its compact size, it has all the features that a variable mod should have, powered by a 3000mAh built-in battery with all the safety features that this mod can offer, I will definitely recommend this to anyone especially for beginners.

The design of Cuboid Lite Kit looks like a modern smartphone, featuring a 1.45-inch large glass colored screen that is equipped with the advance vaping system. A metallic material on sides with multiple attractive color options to choose from.

This vaping kit will give you a great vaping experience. From the performance alone the raw power of this mod is exceptionally good. An 80 watts max output and 3000mAh battery capacity will give you a long time and powerful vaping.  The Exceed 22 Atomizer with 3.5ml e-liquid capacity, two head options of 0.5ohm sub-ohm and 1.2ohm mouth-to-lung, provides you excellent flavor and huge vapor. Featuring Nicotine Intake Calculation,  now you can monitor the nicotine that you are putting in your body. Advisable for health-conscious vapers.

The advance vaping system that is designed for both beginners and advance users. With a very user-friendly interface and good features, I think you will enjoy it.

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