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Vandy Vape Pulse BF Kit -- Ideal For Squonking

You may think that it is easy to find a well-designed and fashionable squonk mod at a cheap price. However, you are totally wrong! I f you hold a traditional altitude towards this vape kit, you should be regretful. Unlike other squonk mods, the Pulse BF released by Vandy vape is a lightweight bottom-feeder mod, which is a perfect mod for you to squonk.

With a size of 77 mm x 50 mm x 27 mm, the Pulse BF is compatible with most the RDAs and it looks awesome, which is also one of the spotlight of this squonk mod for most of the Squonk mod can only fit with RDAs with a diameter of 22mm. Other impressive features can be listed as following:

First, Powered by a single 18650 or 20700 battery,  the Pulse BF has a rather long battery life. In addition, the vape kit has a squonk bottle which has a large e-juice capacity of 8ml. This also makes the Pulse BF kit a soft and ideal for easy squonking.
Second, apart from being a wonderful squonk mod, it also can be credited as a considerate vape kit. It employs copper contacts without wires and direct connect, making it easy to switch to the 510. What’s more, there is a lock system in case of these accidental touches.

Third, Pulse BF kit is also easy to operate. With a food grade silicon bottle, it is easy to squonk. Featuring two access points on the back of the body, it is convenient to remove the battery and bottle. Although using RDA atomizers, it is still quite easy to build.

In a word, the Vandy Vape Pulse FB is an awesome squonk mod that it is a pity if you miss it!

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