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Tips for Cloud Chasers

Vape, through its long term development, is not only act as a substitute for traditional cigarette, but also a completely new product for entertainment. Vape players are fond of vapes for different reasons. Cloud chasers show their preference to vapes with a large vapor production to enable a better vaping experience. For beginners seek for huge vapor, if you are going to buy a set of vaping devices, the following tips will definitely be helpful.

What type of vapes to buy?
When buying vapes with a high vapor production, high output wattage and low resistance are usually regarded to be the first option. In fact, the pursuit of high output wattage and low resistance doesn't always mean we can get the best vape with a large vapor production. What is most important is that the resistance and output wattage have to be matched. The general resistance for vapes with large vapors are 0.2Ω, 0.3Ω and 0.4Ω. According to Ohm's Law, the output wattage range are respectively 68-88W 45-59W 34-44W. Thus we can conclude that an output for about 80 wattage can meet the need for daily usage.

What batteries to choose?
A single battery can have an output of 80 wattage, but it usually doesn't last for long, which will cause inconvenience. As a result, dual batteries, which are capable of having a larger output, are employed in most vapes. In fact, a single battery with around 80 wattage output is enough for experiencing flavors. If you are looking for a high wattage output with minimum resistance, dual batteries or triple batteries is more suitable to enable a longer using time.

In choosing vapes, we should evaluate our real needs and avoid blindly following. Only in this way can we buy a vape that is most suitable for ourselves.

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