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A King-style Device -- SMOK T-Priv 3 Kit

Currently, SMOK has launched a new device into the market. It is T-Priv 3 Kit that returns like a king or a leader with its elegant appearance and some improvements compared with the previous version. Then, we will describe its looking specifically and vividly.

SMOK T-Priv 3 Kit returns with the atmosphere that features elegance and justice. It has been carved with lines on the body and adopts the same hollow design as the previous version. With this design, the whole body looks very distinctive from other devices. The material of T-Priv 3 Kit has used metal which makes the e-cigar glossier especially when you are using on the sunny day, this device is incredible and magnificent. In addition, the mod features customized LED lights with nine-color modes. You can adjust your LED to enrich your monotonous vaping life. Imagine that you carry it to a party, it will make you become the most shining one among crowds. Besides LED light on the mode, it also has an OLED screen on the top from which you can acquire the information you need like the battery life, the wattage etc. The one benefit of this design is that it will not influence the whole beauty of T-Priv 3 Kit for the screen has not been used on the body. Vapers often lay emphasis on the hand feeling so that T-Priv 3 Kit is ergonomically designed with no edges and low friction, making it more convenient to grasp and more comfortable to hold.

In conclusion, SMOK has made innovations on the appearance of T-Priv 3 Kit to attract customers'eyes. This device will make you stand from other vapers when you are vaping.

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