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SMOK G-Priv 2—Some Improvements Compared With SMOK G-Priv

As the SMOK brand advocates, innovation keeps changing the vaping experience. Being guided under this principle, SMOK has always made innovative progresses in newly-launched products. SMOK G-Priv 2 has been greatly improved compared with the previous device G-Priv. Next, we will know about five detailed improvements in some specific functions.

1. Many vapers seek for portable devices which can bring them much convenience when they go out. G-Priv 2 is just 85x52x27.3mm, smaller than G-Priv whose size is 85x58.5x28mm. This improvement has made G-Priv2 easier to put into the pocket or the handbag.

2. The weight of G-Priv2 has been reduced to 181g, 10% less than G-Priv. This can greatly ease your burden when you need to carry some belongings.

3. Both powered by dual 18650 cells, G-Priv2 is more powerful than G-Priv. The maximum of G-Priv2 can be up to 230W while the G-Priv is 220W. The 10 more wattage can ensure longer vaping time and larger vapor production for vapor chasers.

4. G-Priv2 has employed new IPS 200PPI +20% sharper in its OLED screen, which is more clear than G-Priv. Besides, G-Priv is more colorful so that the information is more eye-catching for vapers to read.

5. Apart from its more clear display screen, the menu has become richer and more intuitive. You can know about more information in a more clear way so that vapers don’t need to worry about making some unnecessary mistakes.

Everything is making a progress and it is the same with the vape kits. From my perspective, G-Priv2 is better and more advanced than G-Priv with these enhancements.

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