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The Rebuilding Method for Teslacigs ANT MAN

Many of you have seen vape players make smoke column with erect core of atomizer. There are various videos online providing method for building erect fused coils. Anyway, the regular decks of coil is made in a transverse way, on which building erect coils is very hard. And now, a new product named ANT MAN adopts the newest design of deck for erect coil.

This RTA does great help in building erect coil. At the same time, ANT MAN caters to the needs of smoke column very much. As what we need is a massive cloud, so a large power is necessary. But be careful, you need wrap the coil with proper methods to avoid a rather big output. As we all know, the more wraps a coil has, the bigger the resistance is. Also, you need to keep the wraps tight and make there is no big gap. Meanwhile, you must ensure that there will not be any overlap. Using tweezers to clamp coil, then you can fetch the spare coil out easily. Users may face a little difficulty when fixing coil. However, practice makes perfect. A number of practice is inevitable. We can not thread cotton until both the two coils glow. Speaking of cotton, muji is always the best choice. Then we should wrap the coil tight with cotton.

Take two layers of cottons whose width should be the same to that of liquid supply holes, and cut them from the middle. Using tweezers to clamp the cotton, then we are going to insert cottons into liquid holes and make sure the cotton reaches bottom, or it cannot deliver liquid. Still, cottons need to be separated into two pieces. Jam cotton into the gap so as to improve capability of delivering liquid.

If you are clouds chaser and relish the column of smoke, ANT MAN would be the satisfying and perfect one.

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