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Eleaf iJust 2 Atomizer User Manual

Standard Configuration 
1 x iJust 2 Mouthpiece
1 x iJust 2 Atomizer Tube
1 x EC Head (0.3ohm)
1 x iJust 2 Atomizer Standard Base
1 x iJust 2 Airflow Control Ring

How to assemble 
1.First mount EC Head onto the atomizer base;
2.Then put together base, tube and mouthpiece;
3.Finally assemble iJust 2 atomizer and power supply together.

How to add liquid
1.First unscrew the base off the atomizer;
2.Then slowly refill the liquid into the hole along the tube;
3.Finally screw the base onto the atomizer again. (Note: Please do not overfill)
How to adjust airflow
The amount of airflow can be adjusted by rotating the airflow control ring on iJust 2 atomizer standard base so as to get different vaping experiences.

1.Only have your iJust 2 atomizer repaired by Eleaf. Do not attempt to repair the unit by yourself as damage or personal injury may occur.

2.Do not leave the iJust 2 atomizer in high temperatures or damp conditions, otherwise it may be damaged.

3.Do not attempt to combine the iJust 2 atomizer with parts from other brands of e-cigarettes. If it is damaged in this way, our company will not take on responsibility and your warranty will be void.

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