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Geek Vape Ammit MTL RDA 22mm | Something You Don’t Know?

Geek Vape is a hot e-cigarette brand in 2018. If Aspire is a must-have brand for novices, then Geek Vape is a paradise for vapor players. Today's Ammit MTL RDA is a product that cannot be ignored. It is a product that MTL Vape can't miss.

For MTL vape, the biggest role of Atomizer is to give the user a comfortable taste. Friends who like MTL Vape used to be smokers, so they are particularly valued for their flavor and taste.

On this device, we will get an experience that rivals cigarettes. Let me tell you more Ammit MTL RDA  details. Two narrow-diameter drip tips allow the vapor to be better compressed, and we end up with a more intense flavor. The taste comes from the airflow. The innovative airflow system makes this device more playable.

We are free to control the amount of air intake we want, and the air can be directed to the coil more precisely. The Top airflow control system not only avoids e-juice leaks but Geek Vape brings a different experience. It has an air deflector inside the atomizer, so the air will be in good contact with the coil from the bottom, resulting in better atomization.

Not only that, it has two different control methods, allowing us to more precisely control the vapor temperature, vapor production and so on. By the way, you may be worried that RDA will need to add e-juice frequently. Now Ammit RDA is equipped with a BF Pin, which you can use with your BF Mod. I think you like it if you are crazy with MTL Vape like me.

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