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What does the Digiflavor Helix Lumi Kit Contain? What Will You Get from it

Cost-effective Starter Kit, Digiflavor Helix Kit

Digiflavor has always been synonymous with the high-performance vape. Everyone is looking forward to Digiflavor giving us something different in 2019. So what is the surprise of today's Helix Lumi Kit? Ok, let's take a look at Digiflavor's latest Starter Kit.

Digiflavor's positioning for the Helix Lumi Kit is the Starter Kit, so its biggest feature is Easy-to-Use. On this device, we don't need to make any settings, no need to install any accessories, all we need to do is add E-juice. Of course, Helix Mod also offers us three different outputs for more fun.

You can freely switch the desired output mode by pressing the fire button three times in a row, and you can know the current working mode by the LED indicator. The ergonomic design allows us to control it very well. The fully transparent Lumi Tank has a 4.5ml capacity and is equipped with a convenient top-filling system. With the bottom airflow control system, the 0.3-ohm mesh coil brings more different vaping effects. Whether you want the ultimate taste or huge clouds, Helix Lumi can give us.

What will you get from Helix Lumi Kit

If you like this product too, let's take a look at What’s in the Digiflavor Helix Lumi Kit Package:

1 x Digiflavor Helix Mod (without cell)

1 x Lumi Tank (built-in 0.3ohm super mesh coil)

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual (please read the instructions carefully before use to ensure a better experience)

1 x Spare Parts Pack

If you like this Helix Lumi Starter Kit, you can buy it now at the Sourcemore online shop. Come on, its price will make you very satisfied.

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