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The Lighter Or Pod Kit, Aurora Play

The Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit is the second pod kits from vaporesso. It has a brand new design shape like the Zippo lighter. Let’s have a look at it.

What's in the package?

Opening the package, you can get the pod kit, USB charging cable, a backup cartridge, a juice bottle, and user manual

We paid a lot to it.  It is not just the success of the Zero kit. Because of the unique design, it is like a zippo, which is the fancy for most smokers. The size of the kit is 80*46.5*16.7mm, which is the regular size as a lighter. For the pod kit, it is not a good size. For the additional features, you will get the filling of lighting as it has a similar voice when opening the top cap.

The main body of the kit is made of the Zinc alloy. With the advanced craftsmanship, the kit is in high quality no matter on touch feeling and visual sense.  On the side, we can get the button, LED indicator light, and USB charging port. During the vaping, the indicator lights on for displaying the battery volume with three colors. We can turn on/off with the button and adjust the output level. When the battery downs to the middle level, because the chipset does not support the voltage boost, it supports only 10W output wattage.

On the cartridge are the drip tip and juice filling hole. We will get there is a small hole between the two poles, with which we can get that the inhaling resistance is small. The slots are designed to stop the condensation leaking back.

From the cartridge, we can get do not increase the size of the pod kit and compatible with the coil and chamber, it made in a ladder-shape. The pop-up part has a magnet for connection.

There is a sticker on the cartridge. You have to remove it before vaping. It cannot connect the pole for working.

There is a PTF refilling design with the spring in it. We have to press it to open the channel for refilling. When refilling is completed, it would be back to seal the hole. It is a great design for preventing leaking. For Zero Kit users, you would have experienced it. The refilling hole is on the top of the cartridge, to avoid the same problem accused on zero kits.

Comparing with the zero kits, the aurora kit is a little more tight for a better inhaling experience. Most vaper would fall in love with it.

As a new stand out pod kits from vaporesso, from the craftsmanship and performance, it is much better than the zero kits. It is the top A level.

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