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The outstanding performance of Brunhilde RTA

Brunhilde is available with 5 colors. And the Gold color is very charming in my opinion.

Brunhilde RTA short description

Atomizer comes with two 510 drip tips, one is in the package and the other one is preinstalled. And one of them is longe, if you like long drip tips you will like this one. In addition, this atomizer is compatible with any other 510 drip tips.

Brunhilde RTA has a well-built structure inside. The build deck is very simple to build with 4 screws. And here are 6 adapters to choose from and you can easily find the one that works best for you, personally I really prefer 1.4mm airflow adapter. But what disappointing is that you can't replace the adapter when you have coil inside.

Moreover, the brunhilde mtl rta is a rare atomizer that works good for mtl and for dtl vaping, You also can try different coils, I promise, this atomizer will work really good! The max capacity is 5ml that you can easily vape all day.


In short, if you like the design of this atomizer I can recommend this rta.

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