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Introduction of BP MODS TMD BORO Tank

If you want to upgrade your Tank Atomizer, BP MODS TMD BORO Tank will never disappoint you. Now let's focus on what it could bring to vaper.


TMD BORO Tank of 5ml capacity is made from PCTG materials. There are 4 coils you will pick up based on your vaping conditions:

The tightness of somatosensory airflow and the anti-condensate cotton piece is the 2 most noticeable features that will give you a peculiar feeling as vaping. The tightness of somatosensory airflow makes everything about the operation easy to adjust.  

The anti-condensate cotton piece has to make the inner tube spotless, which highly broadens the probability of reusability as a conscientious recycler.  To be brief, it will always keep your deck and mod clean.  It is suitable for BP MOS TMD Pro/Mesh Coil, RDL/MTL/DL vaping.

Please notice that it is suitable for PnP VM/TM/TR/RBA Coil and GTX Below 0.6Ω/RBA Coil, rather than PnP R/M Coil and GTX Above 0.6Ω Coil.

If you are interested in this tank atomizer, you can click BP MODS TMD BORO Tank to know more.


  • Brands: BP MODS
  • Product Name: TMD BORO Tank
  • Material: PCTG
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Fit For:  BB Style Mods,  TMD Pro 0.55Ω (RDL)/1.05Ω (MTL) Coil,  TMD Mesh 0.3Ω (DL)/0.8Ω (MTL) Coil

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