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Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit Overview

If you are looking forward to a vape device that shows an exquisitely retro personality for you, Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit will be the best option for recent arrivals. Let me introduce more details to you now.


Sculptor Kit features metallic embossed patterns that set it apart from other devices. The product is also made into a wearable tag and comes with a metal necklace so you can use it as a stylish decoration. It is durable and non-slip owing to the matte electroplating technique combined with the carved surface. 

By holding the side concaves, you may effortlessly remove or replace the pod. The pod also uses a cost-effective side refilling method and magnet connections.  The Uwell Sculptor Pod Kit has a 370mAh battery and 1.6ml e-liquid capacity. Uwell Sculptor also employs Pro-FOCS flavor control technology.


1. Easy-grip Concave Pod design

The concave-side pod is ergonomically designed. You can effortlessly hold and remove the pod from the device.

2. Convenient Firing Operation

Precise air activation makes firing easier than the previous generations. You will have a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

3. Antique Electroplate for Unique Grip

The sculptor is transformed into an elegant classic art by the electroplating craft, which keeps a more endurable quality and brings a distinctive grasping feeling. 

4. Exquisite Necklace for Portability

It's a stylish and comfortable accessory with a uniquely created necklace. Wear the sculpture to brighten up your day. It's definitely a good chance to enhance your pursuit of the quality of life and temperament you will show in life.

5. Power and Artistry of Metal Embossment

The combination of solid metal and beautiful carving blends strength and grace. Its remarkable originality and craftsmanship are worth preserving.

6. Pro-FOCS on Delicate Tastes

The pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology patent ensures the restoration of flavor. As much as you like, enjoy the authentically atomized e-liquid.

7. Economical Side Refilling

It is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to refill the pod than to discard it, which is contributing a lot to environmental protection.

8. Solid Magnetic Connection

The pod is easily installed thanks to magnets. The strong attachment successfully prevents the pod from sliding off.

9. Hard-core Aesthetics

Thanks to the 3 features, nostalgic aesthetics is no longer a luxury to vapers. 

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  • Brand: Uwell
  • Product Name: Sculptor Pod Kit
  • Material: PCTG-TX 1501, Zinc Alloy, PC 945-116(Fireproof), POK, Copper
  • Dimensions: 32.6*15*77.1mm
  • E-juice Capacity: 1.6ml
  • Output Power: Maximum 11W
  • Battery Capacity: 370mAh
  • Pod Specification: FeCrAI Meshed-H 1.2ohm Sculptor Refillable Pod
  • Color: Copper, Gray, Bronze, Black, Gold, Silver

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