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LTQ Vapor Aurora Kit - Special Price!

Here we are going to see a minority vape device - LTQ Vapor Aurora Kit.


The LTQ Vapor Aurora Kit consists of 5 parts, and you can freely assemble the glass water pipe's height. There are LED lights inside that you may change to your own hue (white, red, green, blue, or yellow). 

The LTQ Vapor Aurora works with two "AAA" batteries and is appropriate for both bowls and bangers (not included). It is simple to transport, clean, and screw on and off.

You can get a lower price now cause there has been a discount! The sale price now is the most cost-effective.

  • Brand: LTQ Vapor
  • Product Name: Aurora Kit
  • Battery Type: Dual AAA batteries (not included)
  • Suitable for: Both banger and bowl
  • Color: Blue, Green, Pin

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