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XROS 3 vs. XROS 3 Mini: Which One Is Right for You?

 When it comes to choosing a vape device, it's important to consider the specific features and functionalities that best suit your vaping needs. In this article, we will compare the XROS 3 and the XROS 3 Mini to help you make an informed decision.

XROS 3: Best for Premium Vaping Experience
The XROS 3 is designed to deliver a premium vaping experience. It features both auto-draw and button activation, giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred vaping method. Additionally, the Pulse Mode power output provides an enhanced vaping experience, allowing users to customize their vaping sessions.

XROS 3 Mini: Best for Smoking/Disposable Transition
On the other hand, the XROS 3 Mini is tailored for individuals transitioning from smoking to vaping or from disposable vapes to refillable devices. It is equipped with auto draw activation and constant voltage power output, making it easier for new vapers to adjust to the device.

Similarities Between XROS 3 and XROS 3 Mini
Despite their differences, both the XROS 3 and the XROS 3 Mini share several key features:
- 1000mAh battery: Both devices are powered by a 1000mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting performance for extended vaping sessions.

- 2ml pod capacity: Users can enjoy extended vaping sessions without the need for frequent refills, thanks to the 2ml pod capacity of both devices.

- Top filling system: Refilling the pods is a hassle-free experience, as both devices feature a convenient top filling system.

- MTL and RDL vaping: Whether you prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) or restricted direct lung (RDL) vaping, both devices cater to a variety of vaping styles.

- SSS tech, anti-leaking & COREX heating tech: Both devices are equipped with SSS (Sealed Sealing System) technology to prevent leakage, ensuring a mess-free vaping experience. Additionally, the COREX heating technology enhances flavor production and extends the lifespan of the coils.



XROS 3 Mini


Best for

Premium Vaping Experience

Smoking/Disposable Transition


Auto Draw & Button

Auto Draw

Power Output

Pulse Mode

Constant Voltage


Compatible with all XROS Pod Cartridge

Fit for all XROS pods (except Mesh 0.4ohm 3ml top fill)



1000mAh battery


2ml pod capacity

Fill Type

Top filling system


MTL, and RDL vaping


SSS tech, anti-leaking & COREX heating tech

In conclusion, the XROS 3 and the XROS 3 Mini are designed to cater to different vaping preferences. While the XROS 3 is ideal for users seeking a premium vaping experience with customizable power output, the XROS 3 Mini is tailored for individuals transitioning to vaping or seeking a more straightforward vaping experience. Regardless of your choice, both devices offer a range of features to enhance your vaping journey.

So which one do you prefer? XROS 3 or the XROS 3 Mini?
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