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Celebritys have access to the best nutritionists and the most experienced personal trainers. some of them even absess with Daidaihua Pills  . This article looks at the five most popular diet plan .
 1. The Zone Diet 
Created by nutritionist, Barry Sears, and followed by Jennifer Aniston, this diet is about keeping your blood sugar stable by balancing the amount of carbs, fat and protein you have in your diet. This particular weight loss plan is aimed at loosing fat, not just muscle and water like so many other diets being promoted. While no particular food types are banned, carbs are eaten in moderation. The aim of the diet is to stay within the ‘zone’.
2. The South Beach Diet

This diet was put together by a cardiologist and is a weight loss program that is made up of three distinct phases. The first phase is 14 days and promotes very rapid weight loss – it prohibits you from eating any carbs during this time. Phase two enables you to reach your weight goal and the final phase is designed for maintenance. The aim of the diet is to eat high fibre and low carb meals, there’s no calorie counting and desserts and snacks are allowed! According to sources both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been on the diet.
3. Weight Watchers

Probably the most famous diet plan out there, Weight Watchers is based on a points system. Each food is assigned a certain number of points, you can eat what you want so long as you stay within the allocated number of points for the day. Most foods are permitted and the diet allows for indulgences – just remember those points! Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson are just a few famous names that are touting the benefits of Weight Watchers.
4. The Macrobiotic Diet

The concept of macrobiotics has been around for decades. The diet promotes organic fresh food, anything refined or chemically preserved is discouraged. Interestingly, chewing food slowly and pausing between bites is also recommended, making this more than just a diet but a philosophy too. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Madonna is one of the followers.
5. The Raw Food Diet

This diet does what it says on the tin. You essentially only eat uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Foods that can be cooked are not allowed to be heated above 118c. The main principles behind the diet is that a lot of the nutrients in the foods we eat are lost during the cooking process. This diet is a tricky one to stick with and you will probably want to invest in a juicer! Demi Moore is listed as one of the many celebs that stays in shape by following the Raw Food Diet.

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