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10 Tips To Know Innokin EQ 800mAh Starter Kit

The Innokin EQ Kit is an ultra-portable Pod Kit. Its surface is covered with a rubber coating to give us a better touch and make the entire product look more refined. So here you can also get a mouthpiece cup, you can cover it when you don't need vaping. Now, even if you put the EQ Kit in a bag, it can be clean and fresh.

In fact, the EQ Kit is not as simple as we think. This is the first or one of the Pod Kits that use a mesh coil. Not only does it satisfy us with the performance of high-nicotine, but it also has excellent vapor production capacity. Let us tell you more about Innokin EQ Pod Kit details

Innokin EQ Kit size: 90 x 35 x 15mm

The Innokin EQ Kit has an internal battery of 800mAh and supports charging via USB interface.

Innokin EQ Kit with a 0.5-ohm mesh coil gives us a more powerful vaping experience

The Innokin EQ Kit has two different output modes, regular mode (13.5W) and boost mode (15.5W).

Innokin EQ Kit can store 2.0ml e-juice

The Innokin EQ Kit uses a rotary fill port start method. By rotating the tank base, we can add e-juice

Innokin EQ Kit with magnetic connection for more stability

Innokin EQ Kit comes with an LED indicator to remind us of battery life

The Innokin EQ Kit supports our use of high-nicotine e-juice and PG/VG e-juice. (I don't recommend using salt-nico to prevent damage to the throat and lungs)

So this is the Innokin EQ kit, what do you think? If you like it, you can go to Cloumix e-cigarette online shop to buy.

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