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Just Shake it | Mowell Shake Pod Starter Kit Reviews

I think you need an Easy-to-Use device. What I want to share with you today is a new product from the Mowell brand, the Shake Pod Kit. This is a device without a button, no switch, no need to adjust. All you have to do is shake it and use it directly.

The Shake Kit has a 400mAh internal battery and 2ml e-juice capacity. This is a device that does not require us to make any adjustments. We just need to concentrate on the fun it brings. After unpacking, you will find that the device is full of e-juice, we just need to shake it to wake it up, then vaping.

All is so simple. There will be a LED indicator on the side of the Shake Kit to tell us how the device works. You only need to know all at a glance. Of course, it supports us to charge through the usb charging port. We can connect the computer or wall to charge the Shake Kit. With its gentle output, we can perform high-nicotine vaping and MTL vaping. Now, e-cigarettes are more portable and good taste. Do you like it? If you want to learn more, watch the Mowell Shake Pod Starter Kit Reviews video.

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