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Read it! Before You Decide to Buy the SMOK Nord AIO 19 Kit

You Should Know Nord AIO 19 Kit

The Nord AIO 19 Kit has been released, and I know everyone likes it. This is a very SMOK design style and is a classic Pen Kit look. The sleek design and compact size allow us to carry it in our pocket easily. SMOK offers us up to 6 colors to choose from, so which one do you like?

Nord 19 Kit Details

Let me tell you more details before you decide to buy the SMOK Nord 19 Kit. This device is an AIO structure, which means it can be used more easily. Of course, there will be some trouble here. If your Glass tube is accidentally damaged, it will be difficult to replace the new Glass tube.

The 19mm diameter gives us 1300mAh battery capacity and 2ml e-juice capacity. As an entry-level product, the Nord Kit offers us two vaping experiences. MTL VAPING and DL VAPING. If you are using vape for the first time, then the Nord 19 Kit is enough for all your vaping needs.

If you also like the Nord 19 Kit, you can buy it at the Sourcemore online shop. For more information on purchasing, please visit Sourcemore.com

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