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Why Beginners Choose Vaporesso QF SOLO Kit?

Easy-to-use, QF SOLO Kit

Yes, I know you are looking for an easy-to-use entry-level Vape, right? For beginners, the taste and ease of getting started are the essential key conditions. If you think so, then Vaporesso QF SOLO is what you want.

Why we choose QF SOLO Starter Kit?

The Vaporesso QF SOLO Kit is designed with a fire button that can be used by just pressing the fire button. You don't need to do any setup or operation before using it, and you can vaping without any thoughts.

The QF Mesh coil made of Flax Fiber and Cotton guarantees excellent liquid absorption. It not only better prevents e-liquid leakage but also brings better taste and more excellent atomization. If you have always wanted to try a massive vapor and comfortable e-cigarette experience, it will be your best choice.

QF SOLO Starter Kit Details

Size 30mm (D) x 130mm (H)
Capacity 8ml
Battery Built-in 3000mAh battery
Coil QF Meshed coil 0.2ohm, QF Strip coil 0.15ohm
Thread 510

Where can I buy Vaporesso QF SOLO?

It is now available at Sourcemore vape shop. It comes in 4 optional colors and is available in 8ml versions. What are you waiting for?

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