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Never been so Good MTL RTA! Advken Manta MTL RTA Pre-view

MTL (Mouth to Lung) Vaping is the most comfortable vaping method for vapers that focus on taste and cigarettes used in the past. The user sucks the vapor through the mouth and delivers it to the lungs, and finally gives us a comfortable feeling. For this vaping method, it pays the most attention to taste and mouth fell. So, what I want to share with you today is an RTA, Advken Manta MTL RTA, born for MTL VAPING.

What is Manta MTL RTA?

Advken Manta MTL RTA is a vape atomizer that supports rebuilding coils. This means that it allows the user to freely define the material, resistance, and vapor production of the desired coil. We are no longer limited to a fixed coil, but can better define the desired vaping effect. With a gold-plated desk, it has outstanding electrical conductivity.

In addition, Manta uses an open chamber and is designed with a large feed port to ensure that e-juice is transferred to cotton faster. The shrinking chamber, combined with the 510 resin drip tip, not only allows the vapor to be better compressed but also enhances the taste experience. This is also why it is an MTL device. With it, we can get the effect we want more easily. awesome! Moreover, its installation is quite simple. You only need to use the screwdriver provided in the package to complete the installation and removal of the coil.

Height 43.2mm
Diameter 24mm
Capacity 3ml (Standard Edition) / 2ml (TPD Edition)
Drip Tip 510 Drip Tip
Material Food Grade 304 Steel
Thread 510 Thread

For any vaper that wants MTL Vaping and RBA, Advken Manta is a great choice. If you like it too, come to Sourcemore online shop now! For more discounts on the vape, please visit Sourcemore.com

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