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SMOK Stick Can’t Vape, Can't Open! How to Deal With it?

I believe that many vapers have encountered such problems. Why did I just buy the SMOK Stick series that suddenly I couldn't open it, I can't vape? If you are in such trouble, let me tell you how to solve it!

Led flashes red 4 times during vaping

Screw on the atomizer then press fire button, then Led flashes red 4 times

Check if the coil is screwed on tightly or try a workable atomizer on the mod.

Led flashes red 15 times during vaping

The voltage of mod is below 3.2v, so that it can not fire

Make sure if the battery batteries with sufficient power.If it's still in malfunction and within 6 months warranty, you can ask for warranty from the store where you purchased it/SMOK US warranty center(if you are in the US)/us (submite a claim at :https://www.smoktech.com/sign-in?r=/after-sales/channel).

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