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Ispire Daab Kit (Free Accessories) - Have a unique try!

Here we are going to see the Ispire Daab Kit (Free Accessories), which is the most expensive of all devices.


A portable induction heating dab kit is called a daab kit. With Daab's patent-pending carrier cup, which has an all-glass airflow channel for the perfect balance of temperature control and flavor, you can enjoy a safe, simple, and dependable dabbing experience. The borosilicate glass cup can be precisely heated by Daab to the desired temperature without any impurities. 

To provide greater power, it is powered by two interchangeable 18650 batteries. Daab Kit also accepts wax and concentrates in any viscosity to accommodate various preferences. It can function while charging due to pass-through charging. Both automatic and manual modes exist. The hot or cold dab setting is yours to choose from. Top performance and safety will be guaranteed by some safety elements.


  • Brand: Ispire
  • Product Name: Daab Kit
  • Activation Mode: Manual and Auto Mode
  • Charging Current: 5V/2A
  • Charging Port: USB charging port with type c cable
  • Temperature Range: 250-800℉
  • Battery Capacity: External Dual 18650
  • Liquid Temp Range: Optimal at 710℉
  • Recommended Batteries: 18650 3000mAh-3500mAh 30A with a minimum 15A CDR rating
  • Color: Black, Rainbow

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