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Yocan Evolve Kit 2020 Version - Compact but Powerful!

Here we will see Yocan Evolve Kit 2020 Version.


The Evolve Kit is a wax pen vaporizer starter kit. It is comfy and minuscule in a pen-style design, and it can be folded up and carried anywhere. The 2020 version is now on the way. Its QDC coil technology will deliver you a crystal clear and smooth experience. 

Further, the functioning coil cap will protect viscous oil from spilling out and the mouthpiece from being too hot. Just purchase the latest version for a better vaping experience!

You can get a competitive price now.

  • Brand: Yocan
  • Product Name: Evolve Kit
  • Coil Type: QDC(Quartz dual coil)
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Sakura Pink, Champagne Gold, Apple Green, Azure Green

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