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Celebration of Craftsmanship: Hellvape Dead Rabbit 6th Anniversary Edition

 Recently, Hellvape celebrated the 6th anniversary of their Dead Rabbit series with the release of three special edition products: the Dead Rabbit 3 RDA, the Dead Rabbit 3 RTA, and the Dead Rabbit Solo RDA. Let's take a closer look at these anniversary editions and what sets them apart in the world of vaping.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RDA 6th Anniversary Edition
The Dead Rabbit 3 RDA is a striking array of new design options, including the captivating black gold, silver black, and gold black color schemes. 

The RDA features a meticulously crafted abrasive blasting process, enhancing both its visual appeal and texture. With a 24mm diameter, this dual coil RDA boasts a sleek profile and comes equipped with an 810 Ag+ resin drip tip. 

Notably, its side honeycomb and slotted airflow ensure a smooth and customizable vaping experience.

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Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RTA 6th Anniversary Edition
The Dead Rabbit 3 RTA presents a luxurious and timeless aesthetic with its classic gold and black design, accentuated by a 24K pure gold plated process. Boasting a 25mm diameter, this dual coil RTA offers a generous build deck and remarkable versatility. 

The top-to-bottom airflow design effectively prevents leakage, providing a worry-free vaping experience. With its innovative postless building deck, users can easily accommodate various coil configurations. 

Furthermore, the combination of honeycomb airflow and slotted airflow ensures precise control over the inhalation experience, making it a highly desirable option for enthusiasts seeking both performance and style.

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Hellvape Dead Rabbit Solo RDA 6th Anniversary Edition
The Dead Rabbit Solo RDA is a captivating array of new color schemes, including enchanting blue-purple, pink-blue, and blue-silver designs. 

This edition comes complete with a 24mm beauty ring and an 810 Ag+ resin drip tip for added customization and personalization. Boasting a 22mm diameter, this single coil RDA also includes a 510 adapter for enhanced versatility. The adjustable airflow system comprises three levels of 30 φ1.2mm honeycomb holes, allowing users to tailor their airflow preference by level or row. 

Additionally, the classic ample build space ensures convenient coil installation and customization, making this RDA a compelling option for vapers seeking a blend of style and functionality.

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The 6th Anniversary Editions of the Hellvape Dead Rabbit series offer an array of stunning color options, innovative design features, and top-notch performance. Any interested in them? Just get it on our site!

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