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GeekVape Tsunami Reborn Z RDA Preview

 GeekVape is going to roll out a new RDA - GeekVape Tsunami Reborn Z RDA, let us get more details!

GeekVape Tsunami Reborn Z RDA comes with 5 available colors, better performance, and additional functions as an upgraded version of GeekVape Tsunami Reborn Z RDA. The full-metal body makes Tsunami Reborn Z RDA more durable/The Dual-Coil DIY deck can accommodate both large and small coils, making GeekVape Tsunami Reborn Z RDA a versatile RDA among the average ones. Also, the downwards-slanted airflow allows more air to travel through the RDA and can thus produce more vapor. 

Classic Tsunami Deck, Reborn for Better Performance
Classic Tsunami RDA makes a triumphant return, fully metal-made with an upgraded dual-coil DIY system design, ensuring exceptional conductivity for a superior vaping experience.

Spacious Deck, Effortless to Build On
The build deck of Tsunami Reborn offers an abundance of space for your builds. Versatility is the name of the game, as this remarkable RDA accommodates both small and large coils, making it ideal for high or low-resistance setups.

Downwards Slanted Airflow, Larger Vapor Production
Through a series of downward-slanted airflow slots on each side of the chassis, a vast amount of air flows directly into the structure, which allows coils to do their magic, producing massive clouds.

Shorter and Sturdier Body, Made for Premium Flavors
The Tsunami Reborn tank sports a shorter and robust anodized metallic body with smooth edges. It not only fits comfortably in your hand but is also designed to produce voluminous clouds, resulting in extraordinary flavor immersion.
Upgraded your device to take it to your home!

  • Brand: GeekVape
  • Product Name: Tsunami Reborn Z RDA
  • Airflow: Downwards slanted airflow/adjustable airflow
  • Deck: Dual-Coil DIY deck
  • Product Size: 36.5*24mm
  • Packing Size: 73*60*108mm
  • Cotton Size: 381*316*246mm(50pcs/carton)
  • Color: Black, SS, Gunmetal, Gold, Pink

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