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Is the Oumier Wasp Nano ultra-portable RDA worth trying?

Oumier is a vape brand created for advanced users. It has introduced many RBAs that are loved by DIY VAPER. So today I want to share with you a new Oumier Tiny Size RDA, Wasp Nano. Another subversive innovation.

How about Oumier Wasp Nano?

 The Oumier Wasp Nano RDA is a rebuildable Dripping Atomizer with a diameter of only 22mm and supporting a single coil building. I have to praise Oumier's manufacturing process and bold design, how to arrange so many parts in such a compact space.

With an innovative side recess design, the Wasp Nano supports the cutting length after we install the coil. Unlike the usual RDA, it comes with an adjustable airflow control system that allows us to freely control the desired vaping effect.

The side airflow system not only shortens the distance between the air and the coil but also cools the vapor temperature more quickly, and brings a more impactful vapor experience.

For portable RDA and vape beginner, Oumier Wasp Nano is a good choice. It makes the installation of the coil easier, and the side airflow control system helps us get a more satisfactory vapor. In short, it is still worth trying.

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