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Is the VOOPOO FINIC 16 AIO Starter Kit worth trying?

VOOPOO has always been the preferred brand of Vape Beginners. Its products are well received by everyone because of its excellent vaping performance and unique design. So today I want to share with you a VOOPOO latest Starter Kit, VOOPOO FINIC 16 AIO Starter Kit.

How about VOOPOO FINIC 16 AIO Starter Kit?

VOOPOO FINIC 16 AIO is an AIO vape, which means it's an out-of-the-box device. All we need is to add e-juice. The Pen style styling delivers excellent portability and hides a built-in battery of up to 850mAh, guaranteeing our vaping needs throughout the day.

As a Starter Kit, it is friendly to every user. We don't need to make any adjustments, don't need any thinking, just run the fire button and run it. By-Pass Mode automatically recognizes the resistance of the coil for optimal atomization, allowing us to easily get the ultimate taste and huge cloud.

Compared to the vape Kit on the market, it may be less entertaining and playable, but it will bring a more pure and vaping experience. For users who are trying vaping for the first time and want to find alternatives to economic tobacco, the FINIC 16 AIO Starter Kit is a good choice. So what do you think?

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