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What Will You Get from Vzone Preco DISPOSABLE Mesh Tank

Yes, I know that you have been paying attention to the Preco DISPOSABLE Mesh Tank. Unlike our usual Sub-Ohm Tank, the Vzone Preco does not support disassembly. However, it comes with a 0.15-ohm mesh coil to ensure a good taste and a massive vapor.

How about Vzone Preco DISPOSABLE Mesh Tank?

Made from food grade PC and stainless steel for a healthier environment. Even if it is not removable, it does not affect our experience. It supports refilling of e-juice with a top filling system with a silicone plug to prevent e-juice leaks.

The double airflow inlet at the bottom ensures air balanced intake, enhances the vaping feel and allows us to more precisely control the desired effect. You may be worried about its price. In fact, its price is only the price of a mesh coil. We can use it as a normal vape tank, but there is no trouble with coil replacement here. Comfortable vaping experience, easy to get.

If you like it too, let's take a look at what’s in the Vzone Preco DISPOSABLE Mesh Tank Package:

1 x Vzone Preco Vape Sub ohm Tank

For users who like DL Vaping and Massive vapor, Preco DISPOSABLE Mesh Tank will give you a different experience, a more convenient and efficient vaping experience. It can now be purchased at Sourcemore online shop. what are you waiting for?

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