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Guidance For Beginners-How Much Nicotine Should Be Contained In The E-juice

If you are just new to vaping or about to switch from smoking to vaping, it is vital for you to firstly be familiar with some common problems for vaping is quite different and the vape market is also very complicated. You can be confused by it! However, don't be so upset. We are here to help you!

Today we are going to point out a common mistake made by many beginners when they are buying the e-juice. Without any knowledge about how much nicotine you can take in, some people may choose the e-juice with an unnecessarily high concentration of nicotine. Why a suitable concentration of nicotine matters? This is because for heavy smokers, if the nicotine is not so strong, they may feel unsatisfied and go back to smoking again. While for those who are not get accustomed to nicotine. the concentration should be rather low or it may make them feel uncomfortable(symptoms like: nausea, dizziness, headache)

So having known the importance of choosing a e-juice containing the right concentration of nicotine, following is my advice for you concerning buying a e-juice. Different people have different demands.

For heavy smokers(20 or more cigarettes a day), it is advisable to try the 1.8% or 18mg of nicotine.
For medium smoker(10-20 cigarettes one day), it is recommended to try 12mg of nicotine
For light/social smoker(0-10 cigarettes a day), it is suggested to try 3mg or 6mg of nicotine

Besides, here also recommend starters to try starter kits like Eleaf iCare Solo which is very user-friendly. With a right e-juice and a vape,  you can start your vaping journey!

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