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Eleaf iStick Pico25 Undisputed No.1 Box Mod

If you ask me to suggest a mod for people new to the world of vaping which for me is a challenge job for I feel responsible to introduce the best vape for beginners or people who have just switching from smoking to vaping for fear that I  put off their interests for vaping. If so, I would feel guilty!

To be honest, the vape market is in a chaos now with countless vape mods existing in the market and the manufacturers are continuing to make new ones. I have to been extraordinary careful to recommend you a vape.

All above troubles have been wiped out with the birth of Eleaf iStick Pico 25 vape mod , the newest iteration in the popular iStick range of basic box mods and this revised version delivers 85W of power and can accommodate tanks of up to 25mm in diameter (hence its name).

Portable and fashionable, holding it would add charm to you and putting in your pocket won't take much place. What's more, it also supports firmware to upgrade, you can always keep it up to dated! Besides, it is easy to operate, a best choice for beginners!

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