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Vape Pen Kit Or Drop-like Vape Which Do You Prefer

Recently, a drop-like vape has been released, soon catching the eyes' of public with its extraordinary design, comfortably sitting in your palm! This cute vape is like a drop in the ocean with five colors for your choice: Black, Yellow, Red, Tiffany Blue and Brushed Gunmental.

However, it shares the disadvantage of most the compact vapes. It is not powerful enough for you to vape all day, so you need charge them quite often. Among all the compact vape, there is an exception.

Eleaf iJust S Kit,  with a pen-like shape and a compact size, skillfully integrates a 3000mAh internal battery and 4ml tank, affording you the ability to vape for all day. Besides, it is also easy to carry around! Isn't a best combination of size and performance!

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