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The advantages and disadvantages of using MH/HPS lights in the garden marijuana grow tent

The advantages of Metal Halide Bulbs (MH)

Cheaper alternative to many grow lights and lamps.
Good quality and intense output of light, MH has a bright white light that is rich in the blue region.
Some Growers prefer the light from MH bulbs, they are easier to work under and to see true plant colors.

The advantages of High-Pressure Sodium (HPS lights)
A good spectrum for flowering.
Another cheap alternative to other indoor grow lights.
Good quality and intense output of light – a light that with added red and orange spectrum.

The disadvantages of Metal Halide Bulbs (MH)
These bulbs contains mercury.
Compatible ballast and reflector are needed for operation.
Replacement every 8-12 months depending on daily usage.

The disadvantages of High-Pressure Sodium (HPS lights)
Compatible ballast and reflector are needed for operation.
Replacement every 4 -8 months depending on daily usage.
High heat output, a ventilation and AC system must be added.

While many growers choose either LEDs or MH/HPS lights in the garden marijuana grow tent, the fact is that combining the two might provide the most advantageous setup you can find. Without the scientific evidence to prove it, many growers will swear that HPS lights turn out much prettier buds while LEDs get them to be denser and more potent. Therefore, using both should give you the best of both worlds.

Many growers have specific requirements for their situation that make either LED or MH/HPS lighting a more logical choice. For instance, if you are trying to keep the upfront costs of your grow room as low as possible, using an HPS grow light during the flowering phase makes the most sense. If you compare electricity used to the resulting yield, MH/HPS lights will give you the best bang for your buck. Electricity aside, they also simply cost much less than LED lights.

There is also a higher degree of variability with LED lights. If you buy LED lights, you must always check the manufacturer's information to know what “rules” to follow. MH/HPS lights, on the other hand, are highly standardized and the models all fall into the same category of rules for the most part.

Many assert that LED lights get a better quality bud than MH/HPS lights, however. More trichomes, greater potency, and a stronger natural taste and smell are all associated with using LED lights.

Which one would you like to use in the garden marijuana grow tent, LED lights? Metal Halide Bulbs Lights or High-Pressure Sodium Light? tell me your reson.

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