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What Should Be Noticed When Filling The Tank

Many leaky tank problems are caused by improper filling of e-liquid. Although it is quite easy to fill the tank, you still need to pay attention to the following aspects.

Tanks are built with a central airflow tube that runs through the main body of the tank up to the drip tip. That’s the chimney. Despite instruction leaflets warning against this, it’s common for vapers to accidentally get juice down this tube, leading to gurgling and leaking. Make sure you’re careful to avoid the chimney when you fill a tank. If juice does make it into this section, clean it out with a paper towel before vaping. And don’t overfill your tank. Leaving a small air pocket at the top creates a vacuum inside the tank, helping prevent e-liquid from leaking out.

Next time do remember the above requirements and fill the tank properly!

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