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Is Smok Going To Threaten Eleaf's Position In Catering For The Newbies

A new all-in-one vape kit designed for smokers who are just switching to vaping is released by Smok named Smok Priv One Kit.

 Priv One is an integrated kit, which adopts a built-in tank that shortens the overall height of the kit to offer you convenient operations and portability. Long run-time is provided by a 920mAh battery,massive clouds of vapor is ensured by creative top airflow system, comfortable hand-feel comes from the stainless material and ergonomically designed big fire key. Besides, its swivel top cap and sealed leak-proof atomizer bas will bring you convenience when refills.

This is a introduction of Smok Priv One Kit from its official website. Does it really as competitive as it sounds? Here I am going to analyze some facts for you and you'll see! This one is a continuation of the original one. However, unfortunately. it failed to make any improvements and even degrade in terms of its battery and e-juice capacity.

Some people claim that Smok's turning to the all-in -one starter kit may pose great threats to the original leader-Eleaf.  However, my answer is definitely not. Eleaf has always been the leader in cartering for the Newbies. Products like Eleaf iCare series and Eleaf iJust S Vape Kit are popular with customers. While the newly -launched Smok produt enjoyed no advantage over the previous Eleaf products.

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