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A Practical Design Kit for Beginner - Eleaf iKonn 220W

       Have you ever want to try e-cigarettes? You may wonder which one will be good for starters, considering modest prices and better performance. Today, I want to introduce you a practical vape for beginner - Eleaf iKonn 220W, you will be surprised at its reasonable price and practicability.

Reasonable Price
       The full kit of iKonn 220W includes an iKonn 220 battery body (without batter), an ello 4ml atomizer (pre-installed HW3 0.20hm head), an extra HW4 Quad-cylinder 0.30hm head, a B Type mouthpiece, a set sealing ring, an QC USB cable and a warning card. With including all these , you can purchase the iKonn 220W under $50.

       Firstly, we will discuss the drip tips of iKonn 220W. With different size of caliber, a small one and a big one, users can enjoy different mouth-feel and smoke. For beginners, mouth-feel and different smoke are the vital factors which directly effect the impression of ecig to starters. Another highlight of iKonn 220W atomizer is the opening of the oil. Compared to other atomizers, whose oil filling port is opened by spinning, the iKonn 220 one is opened through slowly pushed. The advantage of this design is, under the previous design we can’t easily open the oil filling port by one hand when we with liquid bottle in another hand. However, with the help of this humanized design, we can fix this problem just by using our thumb to touch the stainless steel surface of drip tip and push it. You may question that oil filling is not a real matter when you are at home, however, when you go out with iKonn 220W you will discover the convenience of this design.

       To conclude above content, iKonn 220W is a cheap but practical purchase for starters. If you are considering to choose which one will be suitable to start your vaping experience, I strongly recommend you the iKonn 220W.

For more details, please click http://www.istick.org/eleaf-ikonn-220-with-ello-starter-kit.html.

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