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Route 66 E-Juice review

U.S. Route 66 is covering a total of 2,448 miles (3,940 km) and it was officially removed from the United States Highway System in 1985 after it had been replaced in its entirety by segments of the Interstate Highway System. Portions of the road that passed through Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, and Arizona have been designated a National Scenic Byway of the name "Historic Route 66"What I going to show you today is the E-Juice named Route 66, and the flavor is California. Since it's a highway, the car is essential.

In the bottle packaging, the car looks like the 1965 Ford Mustang Mustang with California red flavor, Ford Mustang Mustang is the original model of Pony Car which seems have many connections with Route 66.The stickers on the bottle matches with orange E-Juice that brings people a unique retro.When opening the cap, you can smell a scent of fruit aroma from the E-Juice which just like freshness from the bend of kiwi and strawberry, and with a light mint scent it brings people a comfortable feeling.

Together with a mixed fruit flavor of mint peach, honeydew melon, a rich white grape, and strawberry when enter the mouth brings an amazing freshness experience.

When puff the smoke, the fruit aroma appearing excellent blend flavor, single flavor is not easy to distinguish, but blend of fruit tend to have fresh and sweet flavor.it's more suitable for consumers who like fresh flavor.it is worth mentioning that official claim the Route 66 does not contain mint.But this is amazing that the cooling mint flavor and aroma is a mixture of different special fruit which gives people an illusion of fruit and mint.As for the Route 66, you may think it is an E-Juice of greasy and sweet flavor the first time you see it. But you might find fruit and mint flavor after you try it.A bend of fruit has an excellent performance and a mint flavor that come from mixed of different fruits make it an amazing experience.Consumers can find what they prefer in this E-Juice whatever fresh fruit or cooling flavor.

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