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You Can Expect Everything In Wismec Sinuous P80

Guess you may have been overwhelmed by those new e-cigarettes launched recently. It seems that every manufacturers are so busy with introducing new products and making great publicity on it, stressing how different and capable that new vape is, trying to turn their product a hit. However, Does those new products really contain new improvements or they are just a money-making machine. So today we are not going to talk about those new products. We are going to discuss one of the most popular box mod form Wismec Sinuous P80.

Wismec Sinuous P80 mod is a combination of both appearance and performance. It is classic with five different colors: Silver, Black, Brown, Red, Blue. Powered by single 18650 cell, it is so compact and has a maximum output of 80W. This also makes sure that you can enjoy vaping under a mediate wattage. Besides, it has almost everything that vapers want in a e-cigarette including the 2A current for quick charge, a hidden fire button and preheat function and upgradeable firmware.

Hardly can a vape be designed so sophioscated and capable, almost meeting all of your demands of vaping, Wismec Sinuous P80 did it. So if you are looking for a competitive vape, here I strongly suggest you to try Sinuous P80. You will never regret!

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