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Science and technology leads a healthy life—2017 Beijing Int'1 Vapor Expo

       With an increasingly strict non smoking policy in the global countries , seeking effective, replaceable and controllable cigarettes have become a more obvious demand for the smokers. Electronic cigarettes now serve as the most effective and cater to today's trends, quickly becoming popular all over the world in recent years.The culture and trends of healthy electronic cigarette vapor steam life formed by the electronic cigarettes, has gained more and more concern and popularity. In order to let more people appreciate the electronic cigarette, contact current vape culture, 2017 Beijing Int'1 Vapor Distribution Alliance Experience Expo will be held at October 27-29th at the China International Exhibition Centre (old exhibition), 8th Museum.

2017 a grand show of northern exclusive vapo expo within the global electronic cigarette brands

       The exhibition is being co-sponsored by CECMOL (electronic cigarette online) and the Beijing Qucheng Expo Service co, Ltd. The total exhibition area reaches 10,000 square meters,including nearly 300 brands from more than 20 countries and regions. Exhibits refers to electronic cigarette products, e liquid, battery, starter, packaging, printing, atomizers, electronic cigarette tobacco stems, tobacco jars, charger, cigarette holder, electronic cigarette scheme and the like. World's top 10 largest electronic cigarette brands and the top 10 e liquid brands were all involved in our expo. The exhibition is expected to have more than 20,000 e-cigarette buyers, distributors, e-commerce, new retail buyers, store and buyers, who would anticipate and purchase, giving a hand to improve corporate reputation and business. Here you can communicate face to face with electronic cigarette industry elites, fully tap the potential of domestic electronic cigarette industry,  and explore the development road of China e-cigarette market.

       At present, Yihai, and BMI, Fast Freddy, ASVAPE, Maikeweier, Fu-Kei Albert, Ilsen, Eternal Weipu, ENB flavor, IPV, and Geek vape, and Blue vape, and Freemax, and JWELL such well-known enterprises have confirmed that they will appear in Beijing electronic cigarettes  exhibition, not only will they bring new products and brand new arrivals to the industry and more benefits to the field. Beijing exhibition of electronic cigarette, you will be treated to worldwide electronic cigarette industries, the pioneer of pop culture.

       During the past two years, developments in electronic cigarette was set in good condition. E cigarette is spreading to domestic in rapid development stage, would gradually become necessities for health. Beijing e-cigarette exhibitions have successfully held several sessions in a row, domestic manufacturers have picked the pace of advancement of the electronic cigarette market. 2017 Beijing Int’ 1 Vapor Distribution Alliance Experience Expo held at October 27-29th will hammer at develop a healthy, well-organized and sustainable e cigarettes market in the future; will play a positive role in promoting creating incentives for the electronic cigarette market, enhancing research and development capabilities, innovation, competitiveness, health, orderly development for the electronic cigarette industry.

       October, we are sincerely waiting for you in Beijing!

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