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The iCare2 - Born For Female Vapers

Do you hold an idea that because the number of female vapers is far less than male vapers, it is no need to take the thoughts of female vapers towards vapes into account. But i want tell you, that kind of idea only belongs to you. The manufacturers of vapes will spare no efforts to meet and exceed every potential customers’ needs. The Eleaf company, is one of them, inventing a kind of vape called iCare2.

The temperament of iCare2 is very in line with the female, with an exquisite rubber being its finish. Because of applying special material for the appearance, the iCare2 can give you a much softer and smoother feel when you hold it in your hands. Females may be not like the sense brought by metal vapes when holding them in hands, so the iCare2 are really cut out for female vapers. Another thing is that with an 650mAh battery inside the small figure, the Eleaf iCare2 Starter Kit can produce a max outputting power of 15w, which is a really gentle and do not hurt the users’ mouth, giving you a splendid vaping experience.

Being a starter kit for both female and male users, the iCare2 are really a kind of compact and easy-to-use vape. Let alone, there a small screen that can let you know whether the vape should be charged or not, making you not worry the lack of electricity.

With 6 colors for your choice, i think even a person who is most special about the color can be satisfied with the the iCare2. 

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