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The Production Value of Electronic Cigarettes Will Reach $614 Million By 2025

According to the report on the industry trend of global electronic cigarettes in 2025 published by Research and Market, the CAGR of global market of electronic cigarettes in the future 10 years will increase at the rate of 20.8%. It is predicated that the production value will reach 614  million dollars(about 2 billion NTD), of which the US takes the most market. And the highest CAGR occurs in the Asian-Pacific region whose value will take up 27% in 2025. China and India are the main markets in Asia. The industries of electronic cigarettes in Asian-Pacific region is growing at an amazing speed.

  If we regard the industries of electronic cigarettes as new industries based on horizontal labor division, there are two main manufacturers including those of the mainframe and cigarette oil and manufacturers of components, such as wafer, battery, guiding-oil cotton, thermal fuse, plastic and metals. The mainframe of electronic cigarettes has two types, one is electronic cigarettes usually belonging to non-intern cigarette companies(without tobacco), the other is heating smoke belonging to international cigarette companies(with tobacco).

  In the part of chip manufacture, chip is in charge of the power adjust, pattern switch-over, temperature control and battery management. The good and bad of chip influences the security, stability, durability of productions and even the flavor of atomizer.

  It goes to battery, guiding-oil button and thermal fuse. The manufacturers of batteries include Sony、LG、SAMSUNG and Panasonic because electronic cigarettes take the batteries of 18650 power. As for the components like guiding-oil button and thermal fuse, the manufacturers usually are not professional production brand of electronic cigarettes, such as MUJI.

  Taiwan has a mature industry chain of electronic cigarettes. The mainframe of Taiwan has good basis of electronic production, such as IC industry, panel industry, circuit board industry, the formation of electronic parts and EMS. The mainframe supply chain of electronic cigarettes is the production supply chain of 3c consumer goods and Taiwan’s competitive industry in the market of electronic cigarettes.

As for the manufacturers of cigarette oil in Taiwan, the supply chain of oil is made up of factories of edible essence, the import businessman of food additives, factories of food processing, factories of machine and equipment of food and pharmacy, factories of machines of fluid infusion, factories of machines of packing and factories of packing materials which are multinational companies. The food industry, food packing industry and pharmaceutical machinery in Taiwan are famous all over the world and are also the competitive industries for entering the market of electronic cigarettes .(Too much smoking is bad for our health)

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