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A Good Prelude?

A good prelude?
  —Britain- America Tobacco's acquisition for the well-known electronic cigarette companies.

Recently, the global tobacco giant Britain- America Tobacco announced that they will take the vape and other new electronic cigarette products into the company's core business. Earlier, Britain- America Tobacco completed the acquisition of Reynolds America’ s remaining 57.8% shares with $49.4 billion and, will formally incorporate the e-cigarette brands owned by Reynolds American Vuse. After that Britain- America Tobacco announced that its new tobacco is developing faster as a key part of the company's mainstream business" and, of course, includes heated tobacco products.

Vuse as the world's leading electronic cigarette brand, with nearly 70,000 retail outlets, total sales volume accounts for 32.7% e-cigarette sales in the United States, such a market share is the other e-cigarette companies outperformed.

Vuse electronic cigarette products is famous for its convenience, as long as the battery align cartridge, all together, electronic cigarettes can be used. In addition, Vuse electronic cigarette can also link phone by the Vuse APP, you can use phone to find out the battery usage situation and the remaining volume of the cartridge.

In the United States, promoting tobacco related products which are not manufactured in the United States is very difficult. To open American markets, Britain- America Tobacco's acquisition to Vuse coupled with their e-cigarette brands Vype, Britain- America Tobacco will incorporate electronic cigarettes into the company's core business. There is a leading global tobacco giant, electronic cigarette industry development over the next few years may be more forceful.

Britain- America Tobacco's acquisition also made a decision that the sales volume of electronic cigarette will double other vape products, even triple other vape products in 2018.

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