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E-cig — your better choice

It is generally believed that tobacco originated in America. Archaeologists find that mankind was still in the primitive society, the tobacco went into the life of the American residents. Tobacco spread China in the 16 century, dating back more than 500 years of cultivation history. While the electronic cigarette was published in 2000, it has been perfect after ten years of development. Why are there more and more people to choose the electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette, also called virtual cigarette and electronic atomizer, is an electronic product non burning which can replace cigarette.It is similar to cigarettes in appearance and taste, also can suck smoke, taste and feel. It is mainly used for smoking cessation and cigarettes substitution.

It shares the same features as normal cigarettes, but compared with the ordinary cigarettes, they are essentially different.The electronic cigarette is not burning, not containing tar and carcinogen, but also does not produce "secondhand smoke" to others and pollute the environment. So it can be used in the car, restaurants, bars, shopping malls and other no-smoking places.

The principle of electronic cigarette smoke is the atomization of tobacco oil which is different from the traditional tobacco. The temperature of burning tobacco can reach up thousands of degrees, while the temperature of the electronic cigarette atomizing combustion temperature is much lower than traditional cigarette tobacco. Traditional cigarettes at such a high temperature, produce thousands of biodegradable materials and many of them are not clear to us. But the material composition of electronic cigarette is composed of glycerol, water, component of plant extract,without harmful substances.

The reason why people are addicted to cigarettes is that it contains nicotine. WHO's report recommended that reducing gradually nicotine uses to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking. It is easy to control the content of electronic cigarette nicotine. Because the material content can be formulated and controlled, then we can overcome the dependence on cigarettes in physiology and psychology on the completion of the transition to quit smoking.

The reaction mechanism of electronic cigarette is different from traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette smoke is steam whose graininess is small. While the traditional cigarette smoke belongs to the solid particles. The electronic cigarette is refined without carbon monoxide.Smoke particles and tar has no carcinogen.

Based on the comparison of electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, more and more people pay attention to health, so they choose to use electronic cigarettes. You can purchase E-cigarettes on http://www.istick.org/, an factory authorized vape shop.

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