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'Hey! Let's take a walk!' - SMOK OSUB 80W kit

I'm going to share with you the review of OSUB 80W mod, the craftsmanship of its lacquer face is excellent which won't leave any fingerprint and not fear to sweat. The 3300 mAH battery capacity will definitely enough for you to vape all day long. The device supports firmware upgrade which is easy to keep pace with the latest technology.

So now let's dig into it. OSUB 80W review: I'm going to show you a single 18650 from OSUB 80W kit, don't mix up this the OSUB MINI I mentioned before and it is easy to distinguish by color that OSUB 80W released in the form of SMOK mod kit. And it contains a TFV8 BABY atomizer. The kit attached 2 atomizers if want to learn more about RBA, you can visit the homepage to buy the rebuildable RBA atomizer chip.

There is a description about the maximum wattage range and the recommended wattage range, you only need to readjust the mod's output and the preferred inhale resistance of air-intake hole. If you want to learn more about rebuilding, you can buy another kit on the official website which helps you to pull through the advanced period, and also can help you save money on buying another atomizer to a certain extent. 'Wow, what a workmanship!' It's not my style.

Overall this solid workmanship is still the style of SMOK which is not that dedicated. But the overall performance is practical. The large fire button gives you a good handling experience when you use it. The bottom battery compartment uses a lock that giving you a feeling of safety. The size only a little bigger than 18650 but is a perfect option for 'Mini mod fan'. OSUB 80W has an elongated shape but have a different feel compared to small mods like PICO etc. If it were to use small fire button, you will not feel an ultimate firing feel but that's precisely the fire button design specialism of SMOK.

I will not continue to discuss the mod's firing performance, it doesn't have the firing delay problem. When you use an RDA with A1 coil and 0.23 resistance to dual open 50-55 w, it has a good performance and has a stable output. 'How's the performance of 80W?' Indeed we don't suggest keeping 60w output for a single electricity mod, the battery characteristic will cause a batter protection if in high output but with low battery life. Even this inevitable happens to the well-known NDA75.

The OSUB 80W obtains a very convenient portability from its elongated body. It can satisfy RTA and RDA's daily data from the maximum output chip. And this is suitable for beginners and outdoors. Because of its elongated shape, it only compatible with an atomizer with 22 diameters, if use atomizer with 24mm diameter will have problems like edge exposure or top-heavy, please pay attention to this. With OSUB 80W's elongated body, it provides a good feel for those users who love mini mods. It will be a better choice to enjoy vaping after dinner when taking a walk.

If you feel you are ready to skip over starter units and move right to the big buys, you can check out the Wismec Reuleaux RX300 TC Box Mod, it blows big clouds.

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