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Summary of common problems of gas oil in 2017

1. Why smoke electronic cigarettes will dry ?
It's Not Unusual. The main component of tobacco smoke in glycerol (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) is a high water absorbent material. What is not said any smoke mouth advertising can not be trusted. It's just that everyone's saliva is different. Some people waste ability, will not feel mouth parched and tongue scorched. If you happen to be weak in the excretion of some people, only you can drink plenty of water. Do not want to change the smoke oil to do not dry, smoke oil in the composition is such, no one can change.

2. What is a wake - up oil ? Why should I wake up ?
Smoke is composed of a variety of polymer chemical compound. Also contains a variety of flavors, oily substances, but also water substances. Although the density between them is very close, but there will still be separate sight, like water and oil. Oil awakening is to make them fully blend and eventually reach equilibrium.

3. Is it difficult for you to smoke DIY? Is it safe?
Make smoke themselves nothing difficult. Selected information, in accordance with the formula allocation can be. The real danger of the local DIY smoke is the question of credibility. Please select the suppliers with FDA, USP and EP certification as much as possible. Low price is absolutely not blindly seek merit, after all is inhaled into the lungs.

4. why me smoke pumping mouth to completely no taste? 
Everyone ' s feelings about tobacco are not exactly the same.
Some addicts feel that electronic cigarettes are not powerful , perhaps less than what they feel , and are completely normal. But sometimes rookie players because of equipment settings doubt, resulting in too little smoke. Because the first sense of the electronic smoke has no impression, so mistakenly think of electronic cigarettes have no taste, but also has this situation. Honestly speaking, a successful electronic cigarette, in addition to the taste is different, all the taste should be rich and sweet.

5. why do I smoke with this atomizer, which tastes less than the other one?
An excellent atomizer has different degrees of atomization and varies degrees of atomization. It may have a unique personality. Many of the game player has 4,5 atomizer, but most people often use as a. Because of the very in tune with him from the feeling of the atomizer. So novice players choose the atomizer at the time, as far as possible to select the popular, not affected by appearance and advertising words. The selection of the majority of people is still worthy of reference .

How to distinguish the quality of electronic cigarette smoke?
1. solvent requirements are food grade or pharmaceutical grade.
2 .The nicotine requires a content of more than 98 % and preferably 99 % or more .
3. high quality electronic cigarette essence.

How to distinguish the quality of the electronic cigarette?
View: see the appearance of the electronic smoke. The smoke is clear and transparent, color is colorless, pale yellow, golden yellow, orange, green, looks very comfortable, pleasant to the eye.

Smell : Use your nose carefully to smell the smoke .The good smell of the smoke is elegant , full of aroma , and the aftertaste is attractive .

Smoke: This is the most important link, must through the identification of the quality of oil pumping assessment. The good smell of the tobacco oil is comfortable and full , and is similar to the cigarette flavor , and has the characteristics of physiological satisfaction , clean taste , no stimulation , no spicy mouth , no choking , and the aftertaste after being drawn .

People who use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking are often distinguished in this way, often excluded from those who are poor in quality. Not only will not affect their health will not affect the taste, so as to achieve the desired results. A young man who likes to play e - cigarettes is also able to learn how to distinguish it , and it ' s cool when it ' s sprayed with smoke .

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