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Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T Preview

Eleaf Invoke vape store
Recently, Eleaf has taken a risky move, switching itself from small vape to powerful one. Since Eleaf has always been catering for people new to the vape world, many expert vapers show almost no interest in its products. However, this time, with the releasing of Eleaf iStick Tria Kit and the newest version of Eleaf Invoke ELLO T, Eleaf is coming as one the most competitive brand among powerful vapes. Today we are going to give a detailed preview on Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T.

 Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T boosts an elegant design. As you can see from the picture below, the host adopts a traditional design of Eleaf products, with four different colors for your choice:black, greenery, white, silver. Beautiful as it is, Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T is also powerful and capable. Dual 18650 cells allow a massive output of 220W, designed for the cloud chaster. Other feature like 1.3 inch large display screen, offering great convenience in monitoring the data, high compatibility with various tanks up to 27mm without any and flip open battery door are all impressive. 

The Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T kit, with a size of 45mm*27mm*118mm, is tiny, easy to carry around. Besides it is also powerful so that you can vape all day without charging it. And sometimes in times of emergency, when your runs out of electricity, you can use vape as a power bank for you phone.

In a word, the Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T Kit is really a wonderful choice, both for beginners and for expert vaper, so do not hesitate and get one soon!

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