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SMOK STICK X8 VS Eleaf iJust S

Recently, more people are attracted to the world of vaping. So many brands are switching their targeted customers from mediates or experts to those new hands. Eleaf, long been know for its popularity with the beginners has met its rival - SMOK. How does this come? It all start from the release of SMOK STICK X8.

Most of us are quite familiar with Eleaf iJust S starter kit which has been a hot seller since its launching. While SMOK STICK X8 is a new version. The two devices share lots in common. In terms of appearance, this two vapes are both pen-shaped. They are compact and portable. Both of them are equipped with a 3000mAh internal battery, a rather long battery life. In addition, the two vapes can handle tanks up to 24.5mm, which enable the exchange of tank. What’s more, the SMOK STICK X8 and Eleaf iJust S are both designed for beginners with one button operation which is rather easy to use. Other features like the detachable structure, top filling solution and adjustable airflow all can be found in this two vape kits.

Even though the two vapes have so many in common. There is one thing that needs to mention, that’s, the e-liquid capacity. Eleaf iJust S only has a 4ml. However, the SMOK STICK X8 has a larger e-juice capacity. From this point, it seems that the Smok has an advantage over Eleaf. But, we still do not know whether the SMOK STICK X8 can be as popular as the iJust S for it does not have many obvious improvements. Maybe people will still choose iJust S instead of STICK X8.

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