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Ways To Maintain E-cigarettes For Beginners

The working hours of vape depends largely on its quality, but the most important factor is how we use it and how we maintain it. For vapes of the same quality, if they are used by two persons with different vaping habits, they may be dramatically different in its service life. Proper maintenance measures could greatly extend the life span of our vapes.

What is Proper maintenance measures?
When It is not used, we should turn off the vape. If there is still e-liquid left in the atomizer, we'd better put it with cigarette holder upward. When there is no e- liquid left, we can put it in ways we like, but It is not recommended to have It inverted.

Battery maintenance accounts for an important part to extend vape service time. It is recommended that we recharge battery when it is used up. If we finished recharging, we'd better take it down in half an hour. When we don't use vape for a long time, we should turn it off.

Atomizer maintenance is also an indispensable aspect. The most common problem for atomizer is burnt flavor, which is generated from burnt e- liquid diversion wick. The best method to avoid it is to keep e-liquid level higher than 1/3 of the whole atomizer, which could extend the life span of e-liquid diversion to a large extent. If it is maintained well, it can be replaced once half a month.

Just like mobile phone, although the quality of it is of great importance, if you do not keep it well, no matter how good the quality is, it will be not in good states for a long time. Thus, If we want to make our vape more durable, we should follow the above suggestions.

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